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Django Tip: Smarter Output From Management Commands

Have you ever tried to show the progress of a slow management command with iterative output but everything keeps frustratingly appearing in one go after the script has finished? This is easy to fix.

On Flying Starts

What a start for a blog to end up on the homepage of Hacker News on the first day (with a short post about Django UI). The good: it's surprisingly easy to install a cache plugin to Wordpress. The bad: this blog is not hosted on the server (because I don't want to insta ...

Django UI in 2005 vs Django UI in 2014

I stumbled across my favourite ever tech talk, the legendary Snakes and Rubies event where Django met Rails, back in 2005. One thing caught my eye while re-watching every minute of the 3-hour event: the Django Web site and the Admin Site app look almost exactly the same today tha ...

Redirect to Custom URL After Saving in Django Admin

Here's a quick and dirty admin hack that can save you lots of time if you're used to browsing between editing objects in admin and vieving the results on a live site. Put following change_view-method in your and now you can make links to admin change page that return you ...

Convention Over Configuration: Django Settings

I've been working with Django for over five years. Even though I don't consider myself as a programmer, one of the advantages I seem to have over less experienced Django developers is that I've developed (together with our team) strong conventions on how I work. This makes develo ...

Controlling iTunes from Python

Back in 2008 I stumbled on then new API on Mac OS X called Scripting Bridge that enables easy controlling of Cocoa apps (like iTunes) from scripting languages like Python. I wrote simple proof-of-concept Django app that turned my iPod touch into a remote control. It was cool, eve ...
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