This site and this blog is back from a four year vacation! Unfortunately this was not an easy one; I had a pretty bad burnout. Turns out I’m not the only one in the Python and Webdev community either, which is pretty sad. But, I’m back again 🙂

Old site ran on a dedicated server and was built with so old version of Django that I figured out it was easier to start from scratch and rewrite everything with 1.11 and Python 3. So here we are, a little bit rough around the edges, but mostly there. Stories about porting this stuff probably coming up in near future.

I’ve also got two new hobbies during this time: DJing and AI. Well, the first one is a proper hobby, latter is just something I’ve started to follow really closely. So closely in fact, that I decided to put it in the blog description. Some AI-related things to be expected here as well then.