Spare Me From Choices

I found a great presentation from Google Video about why too many choices is a bad thing. I couldn’t agree more. (Even this blog is named Too Many Choices 🙂 For me, Django (and Python) is about making less (and therefore better) choices.

Many web frameworks boast with the fact that they offer infinite choice of solutions for every possible problem. Whether the choice is about object-relational mapping, templating or whatever, more choices means added burden to the developer to choose the right one. With Rails less choice is “opinionated software“. With Django, it’s consistency, cohesion and perfectionism.

I love that fact that there is just one way of doing things (right). It’s easy to remember, it makes writing code faster, and it helps reading other peoples code.

For a much more better view on the paradox of choice, listen to this presentation given by Professor Barry Schwartz, April 2006. (There’s not very much visual info in the video. Just hit play and listen.)