Why RoR Rocks

I haven’t done anything (sane) with Ruby, ever. I managed to install Locomotive (standalone RoR package for Mac OS X) on my PowerBook and make a blog app with scaffolding by reading trough some tutorial. Rails was one of the frameworks that our web development company considered moving to but after playing with it for a while and reading all the horror stories about deployment of rails apps we eventually went with Django.

Anyway, I love Ruby syntax and I’m sure that Rails is very good framework for many situations. The best thing about Rails, however, is the attitude. Mr. Hansson (the lead developer) has very clear vision of what Rails should be and also what it shouldn’t be. For me this is one of the strongest selling points of RoR. Too many Open Source projects end up being a really big mess when trying to serve everyones needs. I wish everything good for Ruby on Rails, and especially that it wouldn’t never become everybodys framework. We need attitude.