Django 0.96 released

The 0.96 version of Django has just been released. Quoting the announcement from the Django weblog,

The primary goal for 0.96 was a cleanup and stabilization of the features introduced in 0.95. The release notes cover the few backwards-incompatible changes, but for most people the upgrade process should be simple. has been running on the SVN version for a while now and I’m very excited about the next phase that will be starting now that 0.96 is out of the door. The last push for 1.0 will include some major backward-incombatible changes. Most, if not all, of these are described in Version one features wiki page. Among others, these features include the newforms-library that was introduced in 0.96, completely rewritten admin framework based on the newforms-library, generic relations and lots of other interesting stuff.

Congrats to all Django-devs for this release!

PS. “So when will Django 1.0 be released?” – It’ll be ready when it’s ready.