Busy Getting PAID

I’ve been very busy past two weeks with Real Work (TM) and configuring my new webserver for Unessa.net. Gonna get PAID, man.

Unessa.net is basically a digital representation of me on the web. It’s almost entirely in Finnish, it has couple of thousand pages, several blogs about various topics, forum, frequently updated web-diary that dates back to 1998, popular podcast and a bunch of other things. It’s a huge mess, and mainly knit together with PHP and MySQL. Moving this beast to a new server is not very easy task, especially for a perfectionist like me; I want to see all the pages working fine on the new server.

The old server is a shared plan, and so I haven’t had very much (well, at all) control over the environment. I also got in trouble with bandwith after I started to do podcasting last summer. The new server is a dedicated one, and so I have full control of everything. This is very nice, but also very nerve wrecking. Anyways, running Django on the new server is a breeze. The difficult part has been, and is still, to figure out just how much of the site should be ported to Django at once. On the other hand, it would be very cool to switch everything to Django right away, but then again, it would also be nice to actually get the site moved to the new server sooner than, say, a decade. I’m hoping to find some kind of a compromise for now.

Being able to do anything you want is amazing. During this couple of weeks, there has been so many “wait.. I can do that, too!1″ moments that even the boring set-up work has been fun. I can’t wait to get that server online so I can see what PAID really means.