Hello (English-Speaking) World!

Hello folks. I am a twenty-something year old IS (Information Systems) student from Finland. I’ve had this WP.com account since October last year but I really haven’t had anything to say. Recently, however, I’ve found myself playing with new web development frameworks like Django and Code Igniter (well, yes, RoR, too) and I feel that discussing about these kind of things in English might just be the thing for this blog.

In addition to that, it will be fun to write for nobody. I haven’t told anyone about this blog, and I will not promote this in my other (Finnish) blogs. I’ll just sit back and watch what happens. Maybe no one will ever read a single entry I’ve written here, who knows. I don’t really care. I’ll just write for fun!

Speaking of fun, today was my first day with Code Igniter. It’s a very young lightweight web development framework for PHP. After coding a couple of hours with it, I’m definitely going to write some more about it here. Soon.